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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Mr Blair is determined

On this morning’s radio news I heard that Mr Blair was “determined” to build a consensus on global warming. That’s a very Blair-like thing to be. Others would be “hopeful” of building a consensus, but Mr Blair is “determined”.

A Google search on “Mr Blair is determined” reveals the extent of his previous resolutions: keeping Alistair Campbell, building a “New Labour” Britain (whatever that means), persuading Mr Bush to seek a new UN Security Council resolution (great idea that), confronting Mr Bush in private on the issue, acting as a “bridge” between the US and the EU (to be walked over by both sides), preventing Ken Livingstone from becoming the official labour candidate for London mayor, refusing to hold a referendum on the EU constitution, etc.

Were Mr Blair’s achievements not in inverse proportion to the intensity of his public aspirations, what a Prime Minister he might be!


At 12 January 2005 at 19:04, Blogger Jorgen said...

Anyone interested in the so-called global warming should read Crichton's "State of Fear", not just because it is a good read but because it comes with loads of references dealing with this and other lame ducks.

At 13 January 2005 at 09:06, Blogger rexie said...

For hard science on global warming I find GreeningEarth a good resource, particularly the articles by the late John Daly. Sceptics will also enjoy John Brigden's NumberWatch site for a more polemical view.

At 14 January 2005 at 16:35, Blogger Jorgen said...

Thanks - very interesting sites.
You forgot a link to NumberWatch:


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