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Friday, December 03, 2004


A shopping centre in Llanelli is to install spy cameras in their Christmas grotto to allay parent fears of over-friendly Santas. Children will also be encouraged to sit beside Santa rather than on his knee as tradition dictates.

"It's a sad sign of the times," St Elli manager Gilmour Jones was quoted as
saying by the Guardian on Friday.
"But I'm afraid that it was either this or not having Santa's grotto at all."

And once Santa's grotto has been secured as a pervert-free zone,
anti-paedophile cameras should surely be set up in all classrooms, scout huts and vestries. They could prove a particularly worthwhile investment for the Catholic Church.


At 12 January 2005 at 19:00, Blogger Jorgen said...

Great idea! And if we add wireless web-cams on the shoulders of all United Nation employees, all children in the world would be safe.


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