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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

EU Constitution: A lot of influence or a little control?

The question to be asked in a referendum on the EU consitution is unveiled.

"If we reject this treaty, Britain will be isolated and weak in Europe," said Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, who along with the rest of the Cabinet, will back a "yes" vote.

Patriots by definition wanted the UK to be prosperous at home and strong and influential abroad, Mr Straw said.

But many of us would be quite happy to give up some of our influence abroad for a bit more influence at home, especially now we learn that the Blair government has signed away our country's rights to determine its own policy on asylum seekers.

In any case, "influence" is a very nebulous thing whose value is often overstated by politicians. It is "control" that matters in the world of politics - this is what wars are fought over - and it would certainly be perverse to claim that adopting a constitution for the EU would extend our national control.


At 26 January 2005 at 11:43, Blogger Jorgen said...

Brussel is working towards the United States of Europe and winning.

At 26 January 2005 at 12:23, Blogger rexie said...

There is no way that the British people would accept the idea if it were put to them honestly. As it is, I am not convinced that the government will get a Yes vote, but I imagine they plan to keep holding them until the electorate gets it right.

At 26 January 2005 at 15:47, Blogger Jorgen said...

Very true. But in a few years time, Labour will have signed away so many rights that joining USE won't make any difference. But then again, it may not happen: UK may end up under Shari'a law instead.


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