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Monday, January 24, 2005

George Galloway on Iraq

I know that we must assume that George Galloway's views on Iraq stem from the most altruistic of motives, but I can't help feeling queasy.

Actually, the Iraqi Resistance does not target its own civilians, but the people that are being fought by the Resistance in Iraq are the people who are working for the occupation (..) Our county in 1941 stood alone when the Americans were watching the war on newsreel. Hitler was at the Channel Ports and might have crossed. If he had crossed he might have occupied our country. If he had occupied our country there would have been a British Resistance. And no matter how hard up a family was the idea that they should join Hitler's occupying police force and not become a target of us, the British Resistance, is preposterous.

I suppose that when you have swallowed the idea that there is nothing ethically to choose between Hitler and Bush, much else follows, and, if you are not careful, you find yourself condoning attacks on Iraqi civilians on the grounds that they are collaborators with the occupying power, so not "true" Iraqi civilians.

This man was elected to the British parliament as a member of the governing party, so I doubt these contemptible views are that uncommon.


At 24 January 2005 at 19:13, Blogger Jorgen said...

Yes, Labour is two parties. The Blair-party and the Old-Labour party. It will be interesting to see how long Blair can keep Old Labour down where they belong.


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