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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Three weeks' silence

Since the Indian Ocean tidal wave I have observed a discreet silence on current affairs. Disasters are a poor subject for irony, and almost anything I might say would have sounded glib or unfeeling.

Yesterday, the EU observed a three minute silence for the victims. I do not know who decided that two minutes was not enough. When we remember our war dead annually this suffices, and then we are thinking of the sacrifices that they made for us to be free. Just as pop stars now take it as an insult when they are not awarded knighthoods and have to make do with OBEs, I can imagine that the day is not long off when a simple two minute silence will be regarded as a derisory tribute.

In an age suffering from grief inflation, no one wishes to be thought insufficiently concerned so I'd better shut up.


At 13 January 2005 at 16:12, Blogger Jorgen said...

The EU bureaucracy probably chose three minutes instead of two because whatever they get involved in results in a 50% increase of waste.


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