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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Cherie and her big mouth

Nothing annoys a New Zealander more than being called Australian, so I can imagine the feelings of the New Zealand audience when visiting superstar Cherie Blair twice managed to confuse their country with the rather larger one a few hundred miles away where the British used to send their serious criminals.

There's a pretty solid rumour that Ms Blair - or Cherie Booth as she usually prefers to be called in her professional life - is being paid a sum approaching £100,000 for her brief antipodean trip in aid of "charity", so diners who paid several hundred pounds each for the privilege were understandably disappointed that she hadn't done sufficient research to identify the country and that the bulk of her speech was spent promoting her recent book.

Every time she opens her mouth in public she puts her foot in it.


At 9 February 2005 at 20:43, Blogger Jorgen said...

So, you want us to feel sorry for people that are willing to pay hundreds of pounds for listening to her? I'll try! Nope, I tried, but couldn't.

But I suppose, it is embarrassing for the UK that the PM's wife (a supposedly well-educated barrister) is below par in the common-knowledge department. Or is she just too arrogant to care?


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