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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Education By Death

It has been said of Rod Liddle that when he's wrong he's very wrong, and when he's right he's very right. This time he's right.

The Dutch immigration and intervention minister, Rita Verdonk, said this: ‘For too long we have said we had a multicultural society and everyone would simply find each other. We were naive.’

We have all been naive. We were encouraged to confuse multi-racism with multi-culturalism, and, through a desire not to give offence, we found ourselves obliged to tolerate those whose culture execrates the tolerance of our own. The tolerant society is worth fighting for, and, regrettably, it may need be be fought for. This is what the Dutch are waking up to.


At 3 February 2005 at 17:36, Blogger tor said...

It will be interesting to see if the Dutch are in time to do anything about their problems. I wonder if the UK and the Scandinavian countries will end up in the same situation.

At 4 February 2005 at 11:02, Blogger rexie said...

Holland certainly seems the country to watch at the moment

At 5 February 2005 at 15:11, Blogger Jorgen said...

and this is apparently what one will see:
In the Netherlands the national flag is now banned on most schools. If a student wears the national flag of his own country he will be suspended or expelled from school. The reason for this is that this provokes the immigrants (the muslims) and therefore it is considered discrimination if you wear your country’s flag in your own country. Even people who have an bumpersticker whit the flag on their car are harassed and called a facist by the Muslims. Most schools also ban certain clothing like the Lonsdale brand and combat boots with white or red laces. This is also concidered a sign of racism. There are of course no restrictions for the immigrants on clothing.

At 5 February 2005 at 17:33, Blogger rexie said...

This cannot go on for very long


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