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Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Independent loses credibility

After Robert Fisk's wildly inaccurate and partisan coverage of the war in Iraq, it didn't seem possible that the Independent could lose much more credibility, but it is trying very hard with a series of apocalyptic articles on the environment.

The Independent, a newspaper published in the United Kingdom, is doing everything it can to position itself as the world’s leading newspaper of environmental doom and gloom. Here’s a sampling of headlines in the past two weeks: “Apocalypse Now: how mankind is sleepwalking to the end of the Earth,” “Greenhouse gas threatens marine life,” “Dramatic change in West Antarctic ice could produce 16ft rise in sea levels,” “Coral reefs may start to dissolve in 30 years,” “Global warming is ‘twice as bad as thought,’” “Countdown to global catastrophe,” and “Global warming approaching point of no return, warns leading climate expert.”

Each article seizes upon the most extreme and outrageous claims of scientists and politicians whose like-minded goal appears to be scaring the world back into the Dark Ages and the U.S. into the Kyoto Protocol.

If the timescales on these catastrophes comes down any more we might have a crucial test of the claims before the global economy is wrecked.


At 25 February 2005 at 08:40, Blogger Jorgen said...

They could start reading this "Global warming cleared on ice shelf collapse rap":


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