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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Not enough suicidal asylum seekers?

Oh God!

A branch of the Samaritans has had its application for a £300,000 lottery grant rejected because, it was told, it does not do enough for the disadvantaged, asylum seekers and ethnic minorities.

and, only last month:

The Lake District National Park is to axe the free guided walks carried out by over 100 volunteer rangers because they attract only "middle-aged, middle-class white people".

I'm sure they only decide these things to make us angry. Always works on me.


At 11 February 2005 at 10:43, Blogger Jorgen said...

Yes, that was one of the reasons I got tired of the UK and left!

At 11 February 2005 at 10:46, Blogger rexie said...

Do you think we suffer more of this idiocy in the UK than other European countries, jorgen?


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