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Friday, February 11, 2005

Record number of anti-semitic attacks

The number of recorded anti-semitic attacks in the UK has risen to a record number.

According to the Community Security Trust, a body that monitors levels of anti-semitism

the "transfer of tensions" from the Middle East to Britain was fuelling the unprecedented levels of abuse.

We rely on Barry Kosmin, the executive director of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research, to spell out what this means:

"The far right are doing what they've always done," he said. "The new rise [in attacks] is coming from the far left and Palestinian supporters. They're going for Jewish targets rather than anything connected with Israel."

In today's Spectator, Mark Steyn argues that Islam has undergone its own reformation over the last few decades and what has emerged is more fundamentalist and less integrationist. The most visible aspect of this is seen in acts of terrorism but this is only the "tip of the iceberg" threatening western liberal values. The challenge posed by the growth of Islamic populations and the increased radicalism of these components within western societies has been barely recognised, and many European politicians, including, regrettably, British Conservatives would rather look the other way. Today's news of the rise in attacks on Jews in the UK is a timely reminder of what is at stake.


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