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Monday, February 28, 2005

The stability of the middle east fractures again

The Lebanese government has resigned as thousands take to the streets in defiance of a ban forbidding such assemblies.

It seems we valued middle-eastern stability rather more than those unfortunate to live under its despots and puppet governments. If the idea of democracy gets momentum there are going to be some big surprises to come.


This man likes stability

And Captain Ed has some interesting thoughts on the subject.

If Assad thought that Karami's departure would satisfy the Lebanese, he has made another mistake. Assad or his intelligence services have provided a spark with the Hariri assassination that has turned into a firestorm of Lebanese nationalism, one that has united all of the factions in demanding a complete and immediate Syrian withdrawal. Momentum has turned into an avalanche, one that threatens to bury Assad and his Ba'athists in Damascus.

This is Assad's worst nightmare come true. With the Syrians, especially the Kurds in the northeast, watching the Iraqis vote in the first free multi-party elections ever on their east and the Lebanese on their west showing how fragile the Syrian grip on power truly is, the Assad government may wind up facing similar demonstrations in the streets of Damascus, demanding free multi-party elections -- which would end Assad's grip on power, unless he got in front of the effort immediately.


At 28 February 2005 at 19:37, Blogger Jorgen said...

I would think that Assad may have asked the lebanese government to go to make way for military rule.

But then again, Israel may use this opportunity to take action (or at least help the Lebanese) as they have proof that Syria - and not the Palestinian Authority - was behind the latest homicide bombing.

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