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Monday, March 14, 2005

Himalayas at risk

Have you noticed that when a climate-related scare is reinvestigated it always turns out to have been underestimated? Today's story is the receding of the Himalayan glaciers:

"Himalayan glaciers are among the fastest retreating glaciers globally due to the effects of global warming," the WWF said in a statement.

"This will eventually result in water shortages for hundreds of millions of people who rely on glacier-dependent rivers in China, India and Nepal," it said.

I certainly shouldn't want to dispute the WWF's claim that the glaciers are retreating, but if we are to pin this phenomenon on global warming we would expect to find at the very least that Himalayan temperatures have been increasing. In fact a small cooling trend is detectable.

It must be assumed that the WWF has done sufficient research to be aware of this anomaly, yet it is happy to trot out the "global warming" explanation without any apparent embarrassment.


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