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Friday, March 18, 2005

Kyoto: the economic damage starts

Comalco, the aluminium producer owned by Rio Tinto and based in New Zealand, is considering relocating:

Comalco says the Government’s Kyoto protocol carbon tax could add about $60 million a year to its costs, possibly forcing it out of New Zealand.

Comalco, which controls New Zealand Aluminium Smelters’ Tiwai Point smelter near Bluff, uses about 15 per cent of New Zealand’s electricity production and earns about $900 million a year in export receipts.

But Comalco NZ managing director Tom Campbell said Comalco would be directly exposed to the carbon tax through its smelter emissions and indirectly through electricity prices. It could cost Comalco tens of millions of dollars.

"That would be more than we could afford."

I suppose Kyoto had to be adopted before enough people started to think of these highly predictable, though presumably unintended, side-effects.


At 21 March 2005 at 15:41, Blogger Jorgen said...

Fox News has some comments to both Kyoto and Son of Kyoto. Great read along the lines of "The vast majority of the greenhouse gas effect — perhaps 99.7 percent — is beyond human control. There’s no direct evidence that the minuscule manmade contributions of greenhouse gases to the environment are having any measurable or significant impact on global climate".

At 21 March 2005 at 15:47, Blogger Jorgen said...

and the link to that article is,2933,150786,00.html


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