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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

"Walking Angel" pleads guilty

So Saajid Badat has pleaded guilty to his part in a plot to blow up a plane.

When he was arrested the Gloucester Islamic community was in uproar, and no one had a bad word to say about him:

Ahmed Goga, who has known Sajid Badat for many years, described him as: “A respectful, able, bright and polite guy, a model student who at a young age practiced Islam and went on to become a Hafiz.” This view has been echoed throughout the streets of Gloucester amongst the small Gujarati Muslim community numbering approximately 2,500 people.

At a nearby butcher’s, Abdul Jaffer, said: “He was a very intelligent boy who always spoke out if something was wrong. He was a very bright lad who respected things and people.

Of the arrest Jaffer added: “Straight away I said it can’t be. I still believe he is innocent. He’s a walking angel. He respected me and used to teach lots of boys how to dress in the Muslim way and how to be in a mosque. He always wanted to learn more about Islam.”

These are the people who knew him. I do not doubt that they were sincere. How then can they have been so wrong?

At the time of Badat's arrest Daniel Pipes had this to say:

That terrorists are (unsurprisingly) skilled at hiding their intentions has the unfortunate consequence of making them harder to discern and therefore spreads suspicion to the larger Muslim community. This in turn points to that community's heightened responsibility and incentive to ferret out potential terrorists in its midst.


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