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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Being overweight makes you live longer

Timely research on the subject of weight and life expectancy from the US Government watchdog:

The scientists analysed death rates and BMI for their research. They found the lowest death rate was among those with a BMI of between 25 and 29 - who would currently be classed as 'overweight'.

The ideal bodyweight, associated with the lowest risk of premature death, was 25, which lies between 'normal' and 'overweight'.

As a result, U.S. government experts have dramatically cut the annual number of deaths they blame on people being overweight - from 365,000 to just 25,814.

Based on the calculations, excess weight drops from the second leading cause of preventable death - after smoking - to seventh.

Severe obesity is clearly not conducive to long life, but a little fat around the hips appears to be all to the good. Of course this does not chime with the spirit of the age, so expect to continue being encouraged to eat less of what you enjoy in order to lose the weight that is actually beneficial for extending your life.


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