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Monday, April 25, 2005

Pope not bothered about the bathhouse vote

Some laugh-out-loud moments from this Mark Steyn interview on the press reaction to the enthronement of Benedict XVI.

Well, I think they [the media] were rooting for Ellen Degeneres or Rupert Everett. And the fact that the new Pope is, in fact, a Catholic, seems to have come as a great surprise to them.

I think he understands, for example, that Islam is the fastest growing religion in Canada, America, Britain and Europe because it's not like the Frank Griswold Episcopal Church. It doesn't say hey, man, whatever your bag is, we're cool with that. If you want a gay church, you want a lesbian church, you want an abortionist church, we'll go along with that. It's precisely because Islam is a demanding religion that it has an appeal. And no one needs a religion that merely licenses your appetites.

And what this Pope seems to realize is that it's better, if necessary, to lose members in Massachusetts, and hold on to the large body of Catholic believers worldwide, who want a Pope who gives voice to their belief, rather than the moral relativism that may win them a couple more theoretical votes in the San Francisco bathhouse.

I do not share the Pope's moral outlook, but, unlike him, I am not a Catholic. What I do share is his total horror of the moral relativism at the root of modern saecular western society, and I am strongly of the view that the Church will have no useful future if people turn to it merely to seek divine endorsement of their own lifestyle preferences.


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