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Friday, April 08, 2005

Progress in the war on terror

In a shoot out north of Riyadh, Saudi police have killed 14 Al Qaeda terrorists including Abdulkarim al Mejjati who it was believed had been involved with recent terrorist outrages in Morocco and Madrid.

James Dunnigan reports on developments in Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia has one of the largest concentrations of Islamic radicals on the planet, and for decades it was a place where al Qaeda members could hide, if they kept quiet. But al Qaeda began a series of terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia after the United States invaded Iraq two years ago, and brought themselves into direct conflict with the Saudi Arabian government. This war has not gone well for al Qaeda. The attacks killed mostly Moslems, and many Saudi Arabians as well. This turned most Saudis against the terrorists, despite the Islamic conservatism of most of the population. In the last two years, about a hundred terrorists, and 39 policemen, have been killed. Early on, Saudi Arabia drew up a list of the 26 most wanted terrorists. Only three of these are still at large.

It is very difficult to measure progress in the war on terror, but this must mark a significant reverse for Al Qaeda even though the majority of Saudis continue, apparently, to support their aims.


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