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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Climate Change Inquisition

In the week that saw David Bellamy's environmental credentials attacked because of his refusal to accept the global warming orthodoxy, the Royal Society, no less, is putting frighteners on the science media to avoid the "distortions" of climate change dissent.

Neil Collins in the Daily Telegraph reports receiving a letter from the vice-president of the Royal Society with these choice passages:

We are appealing to all parts of the UK media to be vigilant against attempts to present a distorted view of the scientific evidence about climate change and its potential effects on people and their environments around the world. I hope that we can count on your support.

There are some individuals on the fringes, sometimes with financial support from the oil industry, who have been attempting to cast doubt on the scientific consensus on climate change.

I should have thought that the Royal Society would have understood the need for constant challenge to the consensus. As a child fascinated by the liberating power of science I attended a lecture at the Royal Society to mark the 500th anniversary of the birth of Copernicus. As I recall, the lecturer did not revile Copernicus for having attempted to undermine the scientific consensus of his time.

The NumberWatcher can hardly contain his dismay.


At 17 May 2005 at 15:36, Blogger Jorgen said...

That proves clearly that climate science to day is not research, but opinion.

At 17 May 2005 at 17:36, Blogger rexie said...

But what a tragedy that the Royal Society should turn itself into a campaigning group


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