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Friday, May 06, 2005

English votes

With 619 of 646 results in I thought it would be worth looking how things would have turned out if these were elections for an English parliament based on the existing English constituencies.

I don't have teams of researchers so I added up the figures myself. The results are as follows:

Labour 283 seats
Conservatives 191 seats
LibDemocrats 45 seats

In terms of votes cast:

Labour 7,859,479
Conservatives 7,986,393
LibDemocrats 5,110,807

There are a number of things to observe. First Labour won a seat in England for every 27,772 votes, while the Conservatives averaged 41,814 votes for each seat won and the poor Liberal Democrats needed 113,573. We already knew about this disproportionality. But I wonder how many people realise that the Conservatives actually won the popular vote in England while Labour walked off with a thumping majority of seats. Those boundaries need to be redrawn as a matter of urgency.


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