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Friday, May 06, 2005

More on disproportionality

While reflecting on the injustice of an electoral system which builds in a substantial bias in favour of one political party, I came across this passage on Yahoo:

The Tories are forecast to win 198 seats, some way short of Labour's 1983 total of 209 seats, which was seen by some as a benchmark of success.

In the 1983 Thatcher landslide, Labour polled only 27.6% for their 209 seats. In this year's election more than 33% was required by the Conservatives to gain 198 seats. In the last election a similar vote only yielded them 166 seats!

I have a confession to make: as well as being one of the sensible 33% of people voting Conservative yesterday, I was one of the poor befuddled Labour 27.6% in 1983. Oh, what it is to be young!


At 9 May 2005 at 18:24, Blogger Jorgen said...

O tempora, o mores.


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