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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Viewers prefer BBC when staff on strike

As BBC staff threaten to continue their industrial action, the employers might be interested to discover this report:

An extra 400,000 people watched the pared-down Ten O’Clock News compared to last Monday, while the One O’Clock News recorded an extra 300,000 viewers.

The complete removal of Newsnight from the schedules did not dent overall viewing figures either. A corporation spokeswoman said that its subsitute, a Timewatch programme on ancient Rome’s Colisseum, drew an equal number of viewers.

For my part, I found that strike action definitely improved Radio 3: much less pointless chat and more great music.

There is a substantial risk in withdrawing your labour: your employers may find that they are better off without you.


At 25 May 2005 at 07:42, Blogger Jorgen said...

"Viewers prefer BBC when staff on strike"

Naturally: less lies are being transmitted when a large part of the staff is off.


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