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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Find oot aboot whit the Scottish Pairlament

The Scottish Parliament is making strenuous efforts to get its message across; not just in English but in Scots:

We want tae mak siccar that as mony folk as can is able tae find oot aboot whit the Scottish Pairlament dis and whit wey it warks.


You are walcome tae visit the Pairlament tae hae a keek roon or find oot aboot whit wey the Pairlament warks.

I certainly shouldn't want to get into a dispute about whether, properly speaking, Scots is a language at all: I'm sure these are very deep waters. But, if language it is, it's the only one that you can translate into English with the help of a spell-checker.


At 2 July 2005 at 15:56, Blogger Jorgen said...

Funny, you can translate the page into Urdu, Bengali, 中文版本, Arabic and a lot of other languages but not to English and not to Gaelic!


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