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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Islamic taxi drivers

This may be an urban myth but it has the ring of truth:

An old lady called a taxi to take her home from shopping at Waitrose in Brighton. When the taxi arrived, the driver refused to carry her shopping bags because they contained bottles of alcohol and he was a Muslim.

If, the next time she wanted help with her shopping, she asked for a non-Islamic taxi driver, people would think she was the problem. Though it does seem to me that, if your religion is so important to you that you need to make a fuss about carrying someone's shopping bags because of their contents, then you ought to be prepared to put up with the inconvenience caused by your intolerance yourself rather than passing it on to the customer. A taxi company should be at liberty to discriminate in favour of drivers who have no hang-ups about people's shopping. And should they not be prepared to do so, the customer would have a very good reason for preferring a different taxi firm.


At 18 June 2005 at 16:33, Blogger Jorgen said...

No link? I tried googling it but no joy.

At 19 June 2005 at 11:18, Blogger rexie said...

Not in the news. This was told to me at a dinner party by a friend who said that it happened to a named friend of his. That's why I concede the possibility that the story is an urban myth.

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