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Friday, July 29, 2005

Great day in the war against islamist terror but still a lot to do

The remaining three failed London bombers have been arrested and Pakistan has announced that all foreign students at the country's madrassas must return home.

Meanwhile, Mark Steyn reminds us of his earlier insight into the link between welfare dependency and terrorism:

‘If you’re looking for “root causes” for terrorism, European-sized welfare programmes are a good place to start. Maybe if they had to go out to work, they’d join the Daily Mirror and become the next John Pilger. Or maybe they’d open a drive-thru Halal Burger chain and make a fortune. Instead, Tony Blair pays Islamic fundamentalists in London to stay at home, fester and plot.’

The extreme left has chosen to blame Blair for the London terrorist attacks on the grounds that he has inflamed muslim feelings in this country because of the war in Iraq. I blame him too, to an extent, for very different reasons. In defiance of common sense and, presumably, in the interests of appeasing the large labour voting islamic community, he has allowed conditions to develop in this country which are greatly conducive to islamist terror. He has allowed into the country people who have no interest in being assimilated; in the case of asylum seekers, he has prevented their working and provided them with cash from the public purse; meanwhile he has done little to prosecute the clear incitement to murder which is commonplace in many of our mosques, and which has proved very attractive to disaffected, bored, young men with too much time on their hands.

I fear that for this country it may be too late to turn the tide. Maybe it was already too late on 9/11. However the last four years have been wasted when they could have been spent addressing the growing problems presented by the "enemy within".


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