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Saturday, July 09, 2005

"Islam and terrorism don't go together"

The most inane comments on 7/7 courtesy of the spokesman for the Metropolitan police, Brian Paddick.

Read Charles Moore's withering assessment:

It is true that the vast majority of Muslims are not terrorists, or involved in terrorism, and this needs to be said strongly if people assert otherwise. But if the Metropolitan Police really believe what Brian Paddick says, if they really, truly think that the words "Islam" and "terrorism" must not be linked, then we have little hope of catching the killers, of understanding how the terrorism works, or of preventing new atrocities.

Islamic terrorism must be seen for what it is, and must be confronted within Islamic communities. If the desire not to give offence to racial minorities is to take precedence over the will to root out this evil, then our liberal values will be fatally undermined. And if the police cannot see this, then they become part of the problem.


At 9 July 2005 at 11:27, Blogger Jorgen said...

And if you read this, you will see that your Prime Minister has started the appeasement process:

What he seems to forget is that all the Islamic terrorists claim that the Koran legalises killing infidels.

At 9 July 2005 at 14:38, Blogger rexie said...

British Prime Minister Tony Blair also emphasized that claims that terrorists committed cruel incidents on behalf of Islam were a "lie".

A lie? A deliberate untruth? The one consoling thought is that Blair rarely means what he says.

At 12 July 2005 at 14:11, Blogger Jorgen said...

Mark Steyn comments: "Most of us instinctively understand that when a senior Metropolitan Police figure says bullishly that "Islam and terrorism don't go together", he's talking drivel.
At such a moment, Britain should be on the side of free speech and open debate. Instead, the state is attempting to steamroller through a grotesque law at the behest of already unduly influential Islamic lobby groups. One of its principal effects will be to inhibit Muslim reformers. Shame on us for championing Islamic thought-police over Western liberty."

Read the whole thing:


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