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Friday, July 22, 2005

Second London bombs - police on the case

What is it about the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Ian Blair (no relation), that fails to inspire confidence?

This is what he had to offer after the failed terrorist attack yesterday:

The intention of the terrorists must have been to kill.

No kidding? And of the possible connection with the attacks two weeks previously:

There is a resonance here. There were four attacks and there were four attacks before.

Brilliant. I suppose it must take years of police work before you can spot patterns like this in the seemingly chaotic maelstrom of events.

Sir Ian's refusal, two weeks ago, to see a link between Islam and terrorism was brilliantly dissected by Charles Moore in the written edition of last week's Spectator:

It is rather as if he said that there was no link between Jamaicans and drug-dealing, or teenagers and binge-drinking. In all cases, most people in those categories would not be involved, and yet you could not begin to tackle such crimes unless you understood that some of them were and that this reflected something about the state of their culture.

Spot on.

On a personal note, I was travelling yesterday on the Northern Line through Oval a few minutes before the failed bombing there. These bastards must be rounded up.


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