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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Very disturbing numbers

YouGov's poll of muslim Britains reveals the scale of the alienation between substantial sections of islamic society and the country in which they have chosen to live.

There are some horrendous numbers here. 6% of muslims think that the 7/7 bomb attacks were "on balance justfied"; 24% sympathise to some extent with the bombers; 44% believe that any muslim brought to trial for involvement in the attacks will not receive a fair trial.

I wonder how these figures would compare with other countries, but I suspect that there is something peculiarly amiss in Britain.

And how are the muslim leaders responding in this time of unprecedented security threats originating from within the islamic section of society? Inayat Bunglawala, of the Muslim Council of Britain says following the Stockwell shooting that quite a lot of Muslims are "distressed about what may be a shoot-to-kill policy". Thanks for your support, pal. Dr Azzam Tamimi, from the Muslim Association of Britain, goes one better warning that the threat to Britain would continue as long as its forces remained in Iraq, which, on the assumption that he opposes that military action, sounds very much like an endorsement of the bombing campaign.

I am increasingly disposed to see "moderate" islam at the central problem here. It is far too islamic and not nearly moderate enough. It is too ready to tolerate views completely at odds with a civilised society while undermining reasonable attempts by the authorities to respond to security threats arising entirely from within their community.


Massoud Shadjareh, chairman the Islamic Human Rights Commission, has said:

We know this wasn't a one-off, we need to look at ways of addressing the underlying factors that created it. I feel it's urgent to start addressing these before there is further loss of life.

Perry de Havilland asks, in consequence: "Does a voice for 'moderate' Islam in Britain actually exist?".


Pete_London attempts an answer to that last question:

Does a voice for 'moderate' Islam in Britain actually exist?

Yes, and Tamimi is that voice. What are commonly thought of as 'moderate' muslims are extremely thin on the ground. As I said in an earlier thread, the moderate Sir Iqbal Sacranie thought nothing of snubbing an invite to attend the 60th anniversay of the liberation of Auschwitz.

I've known many muslims for many years and made a point of asking about Islam and the West, global affairs, Israel, terrorism etc. I haven't met one, not even the drinking, smoking, clean shaven, jeans wearing ones, who who doesn't make Michael Moore sound like the voice of reason. For years I've heard from the mouths of muslims that Islam is everything, that the future belongs to them, that Britain and the West is nothing.

The entire left, Blair, Livingstone, the Guardian, liberals, multiculties, the whole lot of the we must reach out to them crew are in dreamland. There are no truly moderate muslims to reach out to.

Which leads me to repeat that I have known several moderate people of muslim background, but, without exception, they have given up their religion.


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