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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Stop and search

Sometimes The Telegraph is touching in its naivety. Here the leader writer is addressing the consequences of the police adopting a stop and search policy based on racial profiling in order to protect the public from terrorist attacks:

No sensible commuter, of Asian or African extraction, could possibly feel insulted by being singled out in this way. On the contrary, he should feel comforted by the thought that the police are not wasting their time on searching white grandmothers carrying shopping bags from Peter Jones.

I fear that we will discover that there are lots of commuters of Asian or African extraction who are not sensible at all, but they can hardly be blamed for their sensitivity given the way that the polically correct lobby have been sucking up to them. If the Conservative spokesman on home affairs really said, "I have to say that I find the suicide bombings totally explicable in terms of the level of anger which many members of the Muslim community seem to have about a large number of things" then the problem is even worse than I thought.


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