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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Get Bakri where you belong

We thought we'd seen the last of difficult-to-love Islamist firebrand Omar Bakri Mohammed, but today he has announced that he will be coming back to Britain - unless the government says it does not want him back. In the mean time he's taking a holiday in Lebanon to see his mother.

I can't say that I much relished the prospect of his standing trial for treason - he'd probably be successfully defended by Cherie Blair. "Incitement to murder" is another matter. Why he has never been charged under this is a mystery to us all.

Should he return I very much doubt he would be left unmolested for fear of inflaming islamic opinion (though we are assured that he is is completely out on a limb there).

Appeasement takes many forms. Mark Steyn has been watching developments:

Responding to Islamist terrorism in Britain and elsewhere, Germany is considering introducing a Muslim public holiday. As Mathias Dopfner, chief executive of Axel Springer, put it: "A substantial fraction of Germany's government - and, if polls are to be believed, the German people - believe that creating an official state Muslim holiday will somehow spare us from the wrath of fanatical Islamists."

That should fix it. And only employers have to shoulder the cost.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Conservative spokesman understands the cause of the London bombings

I return without apology to the remarks of the Shadow Attorney General, Dominic Grieve:

I have to say that I find the suicide bombings totally explicable in terms of the level of anger which many members of the Muslim community seem to have about a large number of things.

By the same token, I might say that I find the rise in hate crimes since the bombings totally explicable in terms of the level of anger in the non-Muslim community, if it did not sound as if I were condoning the violence.

I really do wonder if the Conservatives are any use at all any more.

Stop and search

Sometimes The Telegraph is touching in its naivety. Here the leader writer is addressing the consequences of the police adopting a stop and search policy based on racial profiling in order to protect the public from terrorist attacks:

No sensible commuter, of Asian or African extraction, could possibly feel insulted by being singled out in this way. On the contrary, he should feel comforted by the thought that the police are not wasting their time on searching white grandmothers carrying shopping bags from Peter Jones.

I fear that we will discover that there are lots of commuters of Asian or African extraction who are not sensible at all, but they can hardly be blamed for their sensitivity given the way that the polically correct lobby have been sucking up to them. If the Conservative spokesman on home affairs really said, "I have to say that I find the suicide bombings totally explicable in terms of the level of anger which many members of the Muslim community seem to have about a large number of things" then the problem is even worse than I thought.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

This can't be right

In another excellent and challenging article, Mark Steyn comes out with this purported fact:

In 2001, after a Dutch crackdown on benefit fraud, 10,000 Somalis moved from Holland to one East Midlands town - Leicester.

This is an astonishing claim buried away near the bottom of the article. Could one midlands town with a population of about 280,000 really absorb 10,000 Somalis in one year? It beggars belief. Presumably it happened after the 2001 census, though the figures there show the required scale of the subsequent ethnic upheaval.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Great day in the war against islamist terror but still a lot to do

The remaining three failed London bombers have been arrested and Pakistan has announced that all foreign students at the country's madrassas must return home.

Meanwhile, Mark Steyn reminds us of his earlier insight into the link between welfare dependency and terrorism:

‘If you’re looking for “root causes” for terrorism, European-sized welfare programmes are a good place to start. Maybe if they had to go out to work, they’d join the Daily Mirror and become the next John Pilger. Or maybe they’d open a drive-thru Halal Burger chain and make a fortune. Instead, Tony Blair pays Islamic fundamentalists in London to stay at home, fester and plot.’

The extreme left has chosen to blame Blair for the London terrorist attacks on the grounds that he has inflamed muslim feelings in this country because of the war in Iraq. I blame him too, to an extent, for very different reasons. In defiance of common sense and, presumably, in the interests of appeasing the large labour voting islamic community, he has allowed conditions to develop in this country which are greatly conducive to islamist terror. He has allowed into the country people who have no interest in being assimilated; in the case of asylum seekers, he has prevented their working and provided them with cash from the public purse; meanwhile he has done little to prosecute the clear incitement to murder which is commonplace in many of our mosques, and which has proved very attractive to disaffected, bored, young men with too much time on their hands.

I fear that for this country it may be too late to turn the tide. Maybe it was already too late on 9/11. However the last four years have been wasted when they could have been spent addressing the growing problems presented by the "enemy within".

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Another victory for community relations

The Telegraph gives us this farce:

To improve community relations, West Midlands police yesterday invited the "moderate" chairman of Birmingham Central Mosque to take part in a press conference called to discuss the dawn raids on terrorist suspects in the city.

Dr Mohammad Naseem used the platform to brand Tony Blair a "liar" and to denounce the security services. He disputed the notion that Muslims might in any way be responsible for the bombing campaign in London, suggesting that the men sought for last week's failed attacks were probably just innocent commuters, then adding, for good measure, that DNA science could not be trusted.

But, of course, the police are on record for claiming that islam and terrorism don't go together so we shouldn't be too surprised.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Say your prayers

A strange argument for extending the amount of time that a suspect can be held without trial from the present 14 days:

Police commissioner Ian Blair ... explained that two weeks were insufficient to question terror suspects and follow up on leads that often take officers overseas. Investigations also take longer due to the need to crack computer codes and because some witnesses need time for prayer.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

July 21 bombers: some facts emerge

Some facts have been emerging about the men involved in the failed suicide bombings on July 21 in London.

(1) All four attended the notorious Finsbury Park mosque,
(2) Two were receiving benefits to rent a council flat,
(3) Both are "thought" to be asylum seekers.

These 3 facts suggest that islamist terrorism in the UK is not such an intractable problem as many would have us believe.